grueny Brand NEW Pairs!

Okay!! My first challenge!!
Like the title said... I'm looking for brand new pairs!! Because I was thinking one time about Bleach... Can Ichigo and Rukia really be a pair?? Or is it better if Ichigo and Orihime be a pair? Then I was thinking about a new partner for Rukia ^^ Because I like Yumichika so much I was thinking "Why not these two?" xDD
Then I was thinking what for brand new ideas you have ^^
There are so many Animes and Mangas and soo many characters... I hope that you have great ideas

The rules:

1) The wallpaper must be making by you! Not some other!

2) Give on ALL your credits!!

3) Be creative (The most importent rule xDD)

4) 2 entries per person!!

5) It can be ANY Anime you want!!

6) Have fun with it!!

Okay... I hope that you will join in ^_^
If you have questions, feel free to ask me!

*edit; I've forgot the Prices*

1st - 2 wallpapers with your fav characters and a gift
2nd - 1 wallpaper with your fav character and a card
3rd - a gift or a card

And sorry for my bad english

~ grueny-chan

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swallow the shark ~uzumakixhinata
Perfect pair... ~Quiet Noise
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