tiggerola Cross-Dimensional Poke-Battles

Simple and fun challenge this time!

Take two characters, find pokemon they would use, and have them against each other in a wallpaper!

So as an example, Kurama from YuYu Hakusho has the ability to manipulate plants so one could find plant-based pokemon for him and then Hiei from the same series has his giant dragon attack so he'd have some dragon pokemon...including Charizard since he does flame attacks too. I'd put Kurama on one side with his pokemon behind him and Hiei on the other with his pokemon, maybe a few in the middle of a match. Another fun idea would be Full Moon (Mitsuki from Full Moon wo Sagashite) with an army of Jigglypuffs...see, the characters don't have to be fighters ^o^

Characters do not have to be from the same series.
Have fun with the background!
Think of 3-6 pokemon per character.
Anyone can participate!
Multiple entries allowed!
May be a good idea to explain in the description who has what pokemon and why, in case I'm not familiar with the character and/or series ^^

Any Questions? Just ask!

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