Morbid Dollie Best Zidane and Garnet wall

I'm baack with another challenge!!!!!

Ok, again, it's not going to be much of an actual challenge.....but this is something I wanna do....

For this challenge, you have to make the best wallpaper featuring Zidane and Garnet from Final Fantasy IX. 9 is a very awesome Final Fantasy and it does not get enough publicity anywhere, so hopefully this challenge will help fix that!!! Simple enough, but I hope it will be fun!!!

1st place winners will get 3 walls of their choice
2nd place will get 2 walls
3rd place will get 1 wall

You got one month!!

Oh, one last thing!!!
The images of Zidane CANNOT be from Dissidia, but instead the original game, and no other characters can be in it!

So, have fun with this!!

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Final Fantasy IX
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Melodies of Life ~Dyuu
Zidane and Garnet ~winterlionheart
Waiting... ~beloved blood
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