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Ok here's my first challenge ever!! So sorry if it's dumb or boring or whatever... I'm more just seeing what its like now. Ok, so I want you to make a final fantasy 8 wall, but there's one thing about it, you have to use the few chracters I list. You can use Zell, Quistis, Irvine, Selphie, Rajin, or Fujin, or Sifer. THe ones you hardly ever see a wall of, like they aren't even in the game. If you have any quistion or think of someone else who isn't common just pm me and I'll tell you if there ok to use. (sorry im not very good at this yet) So I hope the rules are simple enough for my first challnge and easy enough to under stand. There's been a few poeple asking me things about this, so I thought I'd go back and clear it up for anyone else who might wanna do this. You can do 2 wallpapers, and you can make them how colorful or black and white and any styles is ok, as long as it has the charcters in it. You can also use a picture of all of them, or more then one image of them

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