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This is my very first contest! So exciting.

The idea is to create a wallpaper thats vibrent; as in extremly colourful. Go crazy with colour, effects and brushes.


1. Keep it clean; within the site guidlines please. No hentai.
2. Make sure to use lots of bright colours; aviod the use of anything pastel-like or washed out.
3. It can be of any manga/anime you like. You can even use a fan art image.
4. You can only use one image; but multible people can be in the one image.
5. Make it pop; go for the shocker factor here.
6. Submit as many papers as you want; but only one will be counted. Please let me know which one you wish to use.
7. Anything in grayscale(as in black and white) won't count.


I'm not sure what to give out as a prize so your help is requird. If you win you can ask for ANYTHING you want. Please give me some time to get around to it though. I tend to take along time for anything. Only three of you can win so try your best.

Remember; have FUN when(if) you do this. If you have any questions feel free to ask; I'll answer anything. You have two months. GOOD LUCK!

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Sakura Haruno ~bonitachika792
Rainbow Brite ~Auraelys
Perfect Day ~Abyuka
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