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Not too long ago I became a fan of the Heart no Kuni no Alice series. While I don’t have access to play the games, I do however enjoy seeing the many images and artworks I stumble across on Google. Anyway I notice a lack of good Heart no Kuni no Alice wallpapers floating around the internet, more specifically theOtaku. I would like to try to change that with this challenge. I am also holding this challenge to celebrate my 9th year as a member here on theOtaku.
The objective of this challenge is to create a wallpaper featuring characters from the Heart no Kuni no Alice series (or one of its sequels like Clover no Kuni no Alice or Daiya no Kuni no Alice to name a few examples). I would like these wallpapers to be fun, whimsical, and feature a variety of characters and settings. Below this paragraph will be a few scans you can use. I am providing these scans because they are hard to come by especially in higher resolutions.
On another note if you want to make your wallpaper just Alice in Wonderland based, I am allowing those as well. This challenge is in celebration of the new Tim Burton Movie and sequel to his 2010 movie “Alice In Wonderland” titled “Through the Looking Glass.” I am extremely excited for this movie.

Heart no Kuni No Alice scans

Clover Kuni no Alice group

Alice Mirror Joker plus Sydney Black and Alice

Heart no Kuni No Alice official wallpaper

Mirror World Alice

Heart no Kuni no Alice scans on Minitokyo | Zerochan

You are not required to use these scans. However make sure your scan is official-ish art and not fan art. I know from personal experience it is sometimes hard to tell professional art from fan art. Now for the rules *hides*

One more note regarding the scans. You may have to sift through a few pages before you find one that's decent. Again it's different for everybody. Hopefully these kind of help give you an idea of what I'm looking for.


1. Each wallpaper must feature either Alice In Wonderland or Heart no Kuni no Alice based characters and/or settings.
2. LINK YOUR SOURCES PLEASE (Like your Scans, renders, brushes, textures, you get the picture.) If your sources AREN’T linked your entry will be disqualified but I shall warn you first.
3. Keep the wallpapers PG-13 and follow theOtaku’s guidelines regarding submissions. Please no explicit content.
4. To show you’ve actually read the rules please type “Looking Glass no Kuni no Alice.” If your wallpaper does not have this tag, your entry will also be disqualified. But I will give you a warning first.
5. Most importantly HAVE FUN!
6. Limit 2 entries per person.
7. Quality Submissions Only Please. Please put some effort into your wallpapers. Don’t just take a scan or screen shot and resize it to a wallpaper resolution. If I see an entry like this, it will be disqualified. Have fun and be creative with your wallpapers.

Now that you understand the objective and have read the rules. All you have to do now is go make your wallpapers. I look forward to seeing what you create. And of course there will be prizes for the winners.

THE SWAG (aka Prizes)

1st Place: Two wallpapers, an iPhone wallpaper, plus a gift

2nd Place: One wallpaper, e-card, and gift

3rd Place: One wallpaper, gift

This challenge shall last for a couple months. I hope to see some epic entries.

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