KyraChan Draw a Circle, That's the Earth

In case you haven't noticed, I freakin' love Hetalia. So I'm creating a challenge to celebrate the new season that's currently coming out! ^^


  • List all your sources
  • Must feature a character or characters from Hetalia
  • Yaoi, yuri, shounen-ai, shoujo-ai, all is acceptable
  • Keep it PG-13
  • Limit is 3 submissions

Brownie Points:

  • Express your opinion of one of the featured countries (actual country or character, either or is fine)
  • Learn about custom from one of the featured countries, and tell us about it.
  • Learn a sentence or phrase in the language of one of the featured countries and tell us about it (if all the countries featured speak your native language, you can just learn a couple new words you didn't know before)
  • Link us to a character song of a featured countries and tell us your thoughts on it(Examples: here and here) (it doesn't matter how big or small a part they have in the song, as long as they are in it)
  • Dedicate it to someone other than me and tell why

An example can be found here.


  • First Place: 2 Wallpapers, 1 eCard, 10 Icons
  • Second Place: 1 Wallpaper, 1 iWallie
  • Third Place: 1 iWallie, 1 eCard
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Hetalia: Axis Powers
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