sasuke uchia whos got death??

okay a wallpaper challenge for death note
you ever wonder what the out come of the show would have been had one of the other mains gotten the first deathnote??
well i have show me in a wall if it is possible what the final outcome would have been with what characters any mix of person and shinigami

and tell me why you chose these two together

its prolly a retarded challenge but be thines first can betch slap for it latters lolXD

i have invited some my fav wall-artists but if wanna just submit plz no more than 2 walls per person

what im looking for creativity originality something that could make me believe that this could have been instead of light and Rryuk

1. winners wallpaper in my world along with member dedication for the month and one fan art or wallpaper request and a gift
2. one wallpaper or fan art request or gift
3. a gift

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Death Note
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