Morbid Dollie Dead Fantasy Rinoa

Ok, I'm making another challenge cause they're just so fun to make, and this time I want a wallpaper of Rinoa from the Dead Fantasy Series. That's it. Use any image of her you want and have fun with it!!

There are a few rules:

1. You can't take one of the original pictures and make it larger and say that it's a wallpaper. I want to see your own creativity and work put into it!!

2. No stealing other people's work!!

3. Give credit to not only Monty Oum for creating the Dead Fantasy and the image, but to Square Enix for creating Rinoa and the original Final Fantasy Game she is in, but I also want you to include that it was made by you in the wall so there is less of a chance of anyone stealing it!!

4. Have a great time with it!!!

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Dead Fantasy ~BabyD
Rinoa of Dead Fantasy ~Dyuu
Angelic Rinoa ~Judai Winchester
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