Crimson-Rose Males

Hello everyone! I bring to you a challenge celebrating your favorite male anime characters!

1. Can be any male anime character (or multiple male characters)
2. Must be from an anime (sorry no Kpop, Jpop, etc. idols for this challenge)
3. Unlimited entries, but only 1 of your wallpapers can win
4. PUT SOURCES IN THE DESCRIPTION. A wallpaper without sources will be DQed. I will PM you if you don't have sources and ask you to fix it. If you don't, you will be DQed.

-Everyone who enters will get a portfolio gift
- 1st place will get 3 gif cards of their choice
-2nd place will get 2 gif cards of their choice
-3rd place will get 1 gif card of their choice

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Challenge still in progress
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