Hifsa Celebrating 2013~!

Heya guys^^ So, I'm here with my first challenge and with 2013 rolling to an end I've got the perfect oppurtunity to make this challenge. 2013 has been a great year for animes and some of the most memorable anime in my life have been released this year, so I want you guys to make wallpapers of animes released this here...Some of the famous ones include:
1. Attack on Titan
2. Free!
3. Blood lad
4. Pokemon XY
5. Kill la Kill
6. Diabolik lovers...etc.

Click (Here) to check out more animes released this year!

1. Can include movies but NOT OVAs and special episodes of the anime released in the previous year.
2. You must mention the name of the anime and also its release....No anime must be released before 1 Jan 2013.
3. Unlimited entires!
4. Must follow TheO rules...No yaoi/yuri and no perverted material!
5. Write 'Celebrating 2013' in the tags...
6. It'd be better if its dedicated to me.
7. Finally, have loads of fun!:D

1st place will get 1 fanart, 1 wallpaper, 1 iphone wallpaper, and 1 ecard of an anime/ character(s) of their choice...Wallpaper of the resolution they want.
2nd place will get 1 wallpaper, 1 iphone wallpaper and 1 ecard of an anime of their choice.
3rd place will get 1 iphone wallpaper and 1 ecard of their choice...

So, guys have fun! You have two months!

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