Moka *~Scare the Night Away~*

I've always wondered why people haven't been all "ENTER A FREAKING CHALLENGE ALREADY."

It's Halloween time!!! I'm back!! I'm here with another super-fun challenge, too! If you would like to take a look at my last challenge, click here!

This challenge is a mix of Halloween and Music. I will accept any mash-ups. Although you need to keep it at a somewhat appropriate level, I am pretty lenient on what you can use.

Before I conclude this, let's look at...the rules! Yay!!

1. No coping the style of wallpaper that any other submitter has. If I or anybody feels that their ideas were used by you, your entry will be looked at and possibly disqualified.

2. No nudity. Please. I think that's common sense, though.

What's allowed

-Non-anime mashups (eg: Characters from reality shows, American cartoons, etc.)
-Multiple entries (There isn't a limit to how many can be submitted by one member.)
-Song Lyrics/No song lyrics (As long as the lyrics aren't too vulgar.)

If I left something out or you have any questions, just ask me or let me know in the comments!

Good luck, Otakus!!!

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Vocaloid halloween ~mootouman
Skeletons in Your Closet ~Crimson-Rose
Dusk Maiden ~snowzi
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