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April 1938 saw the launch of Action Comics (Vol. 1), whose premier issue (cover dated June 1938) marked the beginning of the superhero genre of western-published comics, and by extension all entertainment media. The superhero that started it all is none other than one of DC Comics' flagship superheroes, Superman. Over the years, Superman have proven to be a very iconic fictional character while not only starring in comics, but also having his own adventures in other forms of media: radio dramas, a theatrical cartoon series from the 1940s, six live-action films (with 2013's Man of Steel on the way), two theatrical live-action serials, 4 live-action T.V. series, 4 animated T.V. series (not counting anything Justice League/Superfriends), and 5 made-for-DVD animated films (including the recently released Superman: Unbound, and not counting the animated Justice League films, Superman/Batman team-up-themed movies, and the Superman/Shazam feature). So, to celebrate Superman's 75th anniversary (as well as of course to coincide with the release of Man of Steel, to happen in June), I will be hosting the first ever wallpaper challenge to focus on a specific category of the DC Comics Super-Heroes franchise.

The rules:

  • Must feature characters from "Superman" category of the DC Comics Super-Heroes franchise.
  • Can be based on theSuperman comics and/or on Superman filmed media.
  • Vectors/vexels are welcome.
  • If you want, you can use in your wallpaper, a text indicating the franchise's anniversary (ex: "75 Years of Superman"). However, should you decide to use this option, please use the "1938-2013" sign as part of that text as a reminder that Superman was established in 1938.
  • Make sure that nothing in your piece is higher than the PG-13-rated level, although some canon-continuity Superman comics are known to contain dark-and-edgy content.
  • Use what editing style suits you best for your piece.
  • No entry limits.

That's all the rules to take note of.

New to Superman? Here are some sites I recommend you check out: before working on your entries:

And here's a bit of info for those new to the legend. For characters who appear in the "Superman" category of DC Comcis Super-Heroes stories, allies of the mighty superhero himslef include cub reporter Jimmy Olsen, Jonathan and Martha Kent (Superman's Earth-based foster parents), Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White, high school buddy Pete Ross, high school love interest Lana Lang, reportress Lois Lane, WGBS TV station head head Morgan Edge, The Legion of Super-Heroes, Krypto the Superdog (Superman's pet dog), Kon-El/Conner Kent (a Superman clone maintainig the superhero name "Superboy"), the Supergirls (including Superman's kryptonian cousin Kara Zor-El), Karen Starr/Power Girl, the Eradicator, Maxima (originally a foe of Superman), The Guardian, John Henry irons/Steel, Chris Kent (Superman's adopted son and General Zod's biological son from Post-Infinite Crisis stories), Streaky the Supercat (Kara Zor-El's pet cat), Booster Gold, Martian Manhunter, the Green Lantern Corps, Mon-El/Valor, and of course Batman while Superman's enemies include arch-nemesis Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Brainiac, Conduit, Darkseid, Doomsday, Kryptonian bandit General Zod, the Cyborg Superman, the Composite Superman, Lobo, Mongul, Mister Myyzptlk, Parasite, Livewire, Metallo, Kryptonite Man, Solomon Grundy (an enemy of both the Green Lantern Alan Scott and Batman), Terra-Man, Toyman, Prankster, and Ultra-Humanite.

That is all. Good luck to thsoe entering this challenge, and have fun. If any questions, don't hesistate to ask.

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