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Ok everyone, this challenge is for my dear friend, DemonsandAngels. If you don't know her, go get to know her. She's awesome and amazing! :) Some of you have probably read through her posts and seen that she is going though a break up, and it's very hard on her.

So, I thought I'd try to cheer her up. For this challenge, I'd love it if you all could make a Wallpaper for DA. Anything will do. Something to let her know she's not alone and that there are people thinking about her.

Maybe something that matches the pain she's in, or something that will try to cheer her up. I'm gonna have DA judge and tell me which Wallpaper she likes best.

Maybe a small description to go with. Explain why you chose to make the card that you did. If you've been through something similar to her situation, maybe talk about how you got through it?

Thank you so much everyone. I know this will make her feel better.
Unlimited entries
Doesn't have to be dedicated to her, but it would sure be nice if you did!
Give credit where credit is due.
Needs to have a description
Otherwise, the sky's the limit.

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Hope ~Sarasface
Friends Forever ~Snowzi
Hi there friend!

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