Darkarax Music 4: Classic Rock

Hello once again good people of TheO. We’re now nearing the end of my series of music challenges (I decided to do only five because I started to run out of ideas after the Rage Theme challenge). So because this is the second to last challenge in the series, I’ve decided to increase the difficulty level a little. In the last three challenges I let you pick both the song used for the wallpaper and the characters, as long as they fit with the theme of the challenge. This time around, you can still pick witch anime characters to use for the wallpaper, but you have to pick a song from a list I’ve provided to base the wallpaper on. I’ve picked three of my favorite classic rock bands and selected fives songs from each band for you to choose.


Another One Bites the Dust

A Kind of Magic

Princes of the Universe

Who Wants to Live Forever

The Show Must Go On


Come Sail Away

Mr. Roboto

The Grand Illusion

Don’t Let It End

Rocking the Paradise


Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Open Arms

Still They Ride

Wheel In the Sky


Before anyone asks, more than one person can use the same song. So just check them out and use whichever one strikes you. But the challenge is to make a wallpaper that best fits the song you choose.


  • You must use one of the songs in the above list. No exceptions.
  • As always, tell me where you got your images.
  • You must use the title of the song, or part of one of the song lyrics as the title of the wallpaper.
  • You must also include the title you use in the wallpaper itself as text.
  • Tell me who the character(s) you chose is (though there’s a good chance I’ll know by seeing the wallpaper).
  • To show me that you’ve actually read the rules of this challenge, put the phrase “Classic Rock” as well as the name of the band that did the song you picked in the tags.
  • Limit is one submission only, and I mean only one.

Other than that, you’re only limited by your own imagination, the standard rules of TheO, and what you can do with a computer. So be creative and have fun, and just like always if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask in a comment or PM and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. And just as before, this’ll be a two-month challenge. So take your time, but don’t take too long.


  • First Prize: A wallpaper if you want one.
  • Second Prize: A gift.
  • Third Prize: I’ll sign your guestbook.
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i (s.t.i.L.L) L.O.V.E you ~Rainbow Dragon
Worlds Apart ~Snowzi
The Show Must Go On... ~XxArrancarFanxX
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