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Hello again, Knight Edge here for yet another exciting challenge…so did it sound believable? Did I go a little too far…nah…

Anyways my wife came to me the other week and asked me an odd question. “Could you please make a anime wallpaper challenge that mandates people to use anime characters that make gestures with their hands?” So of course she gave me those big puppy dog eyes and I of course gave in and said sure.

So to give a little history as to why my wife would have such an odd request we have to look into what she is working on for her life goal. At this very moment my wife is working hard at getting Bachelor’s Degree in American Sign Language to English translator degree. Yep, my wife wants to translate for the deaf. So we all know their aren’t very many ( I personally can’t think of any) animes that actually have ASL in there, so she came up with the idea of having the challenge revolve around hand gestures instead. Because in the ASL world hand gestures mean everything.

Now onto the actually challenge…yes I know that was very long winded…but if I didn’t go into those details it wouldn’t have made any since to me…

So here are the rules.
1.) You MUST use at least one anime character that is using some kind of hand gesture. Anything will be accepted, but you’ll have a better chance of winning if you use a hand gesture that is only related to that character (or group).
2.) You must follow all of the Otaku’s rules for submitting.
3.) You must include ASL into your tags, one to see if you read this far, and two to make it easier to find them.
4.) And the final rule, and it is the most important rule to all my challenges. You must at all cost…have fun making the wallpaper. If you don’t have fun making it I swear to goodness that I will smack you with a piece of cheese…and I mean that. -_-

As for the prizes.
1st place will receive a custom wallpaper made by me ( I do think I’m a decent wallpaper designer…in my mind at least.)
2nd place shall get a custom IPhone wallpaper.
3rd will receive a custom Ecard.
Everyone else shall receive a gift just for entering.

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