Knight Edge Happy Valentine's Day

So I know this is a bit late, but I figured better late then never.
So here it is, my latest challenge is for those hopeless romantics out there. What I want you guys to do is make a wallpaper of those speical characters that try their hardest to get the one (or more) they love. It is meant to be a simple challenge, but I do have some expectations I hope you guys can hold up for me.

1.)The wallpaper must (of course) have a hopeless romantic in it.
2.)It must give me a reason as to why this character fits the title of hopeless romantic.
3.)And finally, you must follow all the Otaku’s rules when it comes to wallpapers.

And now my favorite part of this challenge, the prize. So since I used to be a decent wallpaper artist the first place winner will get a wallpaper of anything they want…of course it has to be within Otaku’s limits. And then second and third place, I’m sorry but you’ll get a gift…that’s all I can really do these days.

(PS) Just because it says Other anime and mangas doesn’t mean a thing. I want to see everything type of anime, manga, video games, comic books…whatever.

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