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Welcome fellow Otakus. Be it as I'm desperate to see some activity and the amount of active challenges going on is rather sad but not nearly as sad as how many entries there actually are, I decided to make a simple challenge. By challenge I mean contest as to who makes the best wall, since this won't be hard at all.

I don't know about you guys, but I personally find I usually favorite characters that are always the same or really similar, except for one or two characters that are totally odd for what I usually like. E.G. say I usually only liked strong, independent female characters, and out of no where I found a huge love for Namine from Kingdom Hearts who is far from strong or independent. I'd consider her an oddball.

So that's what this challenge is about. Making a wall (or 2 or more) featuring characters that you find "odd" in your favorites list. That's all.


No stealing
Have fun
Don't dedicate it to me xD
Unlimited entries
GOOD QUALITY people. If I see a single wall with blurred/poor quality, it will be disqualified.
Put some effort into it
Credit all of your scans
Don't use Zerochan
Extra points for anyone who makes a Halloween themed wall

Yup, 1 month people.

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Sorry! Challenge creators only
Challenge still in progress
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