phantomgirl21 Back To School Anime/Manga!!

Hello All this is Vampy again with the BACK TO SCHOOLCHALLENGE once more! YOU ALL KNOW THE DRILL!!!!!!!! I want you to create a Wallpaper with an anime character you like and one you don't like. They are to be dressed in "Back to school wear" rivaling each other. It's something like a fashion off where one is dressed better than the other. You can have fun with this. It can be boy against girl or boy against boy, and boy against girl.

If you would like to do more than one character you may have couple against couple or doubles: Girls against girls, Boys against boys, boys against girls!

You are allowed to do crossovers as well.



1. They must be dressed in back to school wear and must have backpacks, lunch bags, pencil case, paper, ect. Anything that looks as though they are going back to school. Please be aware of your backgrgounds! Use something that will work best for the characters!

2. The charcters you choose must look as though they are rivaling each other. One on one side of the Wallpaper; the other on the other side.

3. You must tell me which charcter(s) is (are) your favorite(s) and which one(s) isn't(aren't) without saying it. It must be indicated somehow. You can use arrows of some kind, a spotlight, anything that will indicate which one you like better. This will be the look that is better that the other.

4. You must follow the O rules!! No exceptions to this one!

5. Not so much a rule more of something that makes the challenge creator feel secial: DEDICATIONS!!!! *Does cartwheels* WHOOOOHOOOO!! You don't have to dedicate your work to me but it sure would be nice!

6. Warning!!! This is a rule --->HAVE LOTS OF FUN WITH THIS!! School is about to start back up and that does suck! So here's a challenge for everyone to have fun with! You may enter three times. If you don't like the first you get two more chances!


1st place: 2 gifts of their choosing
2nd place and 3rd place: 1 gift of their choosing

I hope you guys out there like gifts because I like giving them! If you would like, the winners can even choose what the message says no matter how weird or silly it may be!!

*By the By guys* I'm having trouble checking my comments so you can send me a comment and I will send you a PM with my answer




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