Blindloverr713 Harry Potter Time!

Hey, all. How's it going?

So, as this is my first challenge, I wanted to do something that I'm really passionate about. So, as the title says, it's Harry Potter Time!!!!! *Insert awesome dance music here*

Well, I want you all to do a Harry Potter wallpaper. Sounds easy, right? But that's not it. I want to you to incorporate a pair of lyrics into the wallpaper, lyrics form a song that you think fits the wallpaper itself. In a nutshell, make a Harry Potter wallpaper, have a pair of lyrics you think fits the wallpaper on it and explain why you picked that song.

.: Rules :.

1: Follow TheOtaku rules.
2: No yaoi or yuri.
3: No nudity whatsoever.
4: Please, make it appropriate.
5: Dedicate it to me so that I can see it sooner.
6: Have fun and be creative!

.: What I'm judging on :.

1: Creativity.
2: Use of the song.
3: How much effort I see in it.

.: Prizes :.

1st Place: One wallpaper, Ecard and row of icons made by me.
2nd Place: A wallpaper and Ecard OR a wallpaper and a row of icons OR an Ecard and a row of icons.
3rd Place: A wallpaper OR Ecard OR a row of icons.

You have one month. And you're time starts......

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