Karisan Black Roses in Dead Letters

I had this other challenge idea awhile in my mind, and still not sure if it would be a good one... i don't know, if anyone has a clue what the title could be referring, but... well i REALLY LIKE The RASMUS, but i found just a very few people here, who would like them too, and now with this challenge i really want to get know, who likes them also, like i do.

The title actually referrs to 2 albums from them, "Dead Letters" and "Black Roses" and i choose their name as the title of this challenge, coz i like this 2 albums from The Rasmus the most, along with their newest one, which was released this april and was selfentitled from the band.

So to the rules:
You have to create a wallpaper containing the lyrics any of their songs.Which means really ANY SONG FROM THE RASMUS, or rather any song in which the main vocal, Lauri Ylönen sings.Coz there are a few songs which he sung in duet with other singers, and also because he released last year a single, with the title "New World"... i must say this single sounds really different from what he used to create with his band, but i still adore this album too.
There are just a few other rules:
like, you can use any anime/manga in your wall, but i would prefer such ones, i'm familiar with although i would like to see also some wallpapers created of the band itself too and if you choose an anime/manga, then the depictured scene have to match with the lyrics.
Other in general rules:
1. Please no yaoi/yuri
2. No plagiarism! It must be your own creation, so please no stealing!
3. Be creative: please do not just upload a scan as a wallpaper
4. I would be happy if you would give the sources you used in a description
5. Have FUN!!!
6. No restriction limit in submitting

Well, i hope i'm not too strict with the rules... i'll judge your wallpaper upon that, how much work you put in it, and upon creativeness

P.s.: if anyone from the invited people doesn't like them, my apologies, and of course in that case they don't have to participate

The prices will be:

1rst place: 2 wallpapers and a card
2nd place: 1 wallpaper and a card
3rd place: 1 wallpaper

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Still Standing ~ElfDuchess
In the Shadows ~gomdorri
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