vampirehitsugaya I love you, Big Brother/Sister! *edit*



Wassup everyone! You thought you could get rid of me? Well I'm back with a brand new challenge! *See title* I've had nothing but awesome entries for my last three challenges and thank you to everyone who participated! So make me more awesome wallies!



1.) As always: Unlimited entries! The more the merrier!

2.) *See title* "I know what it says!" There must be at least two people. Originally it was going to be: I love you big brother, but sisters are cool too! I want to see the love!

3.) Dedicate it to me please! "Why?" "So I'll know when there's an entry! Please and thank you with a side of strawberry shortcake and cookies!"

4.)Challenges are about the fun! So have fun and of course, if you have any questions regarding this challenge don't hesitate to ask! I'm a nice person who doesn't bite!


Because someone has asked here are your prizes....

1st.) A wallpaper of your choice, gifties and I'll sign your GB.
2nd.) An ecard of your choice, gifties and I'll sign your GB.
3rd.) Gifties and I'll sign your GB.

"But how many gifties o great challenge creator?"
" well... it's a secret! have fun!"

I'm a vampire!

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This Life ~Aria Sky
Onii Chan ~IJNeptune
R&Y ~beloved blood
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