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I'm sure we all enjoy the holiday season, so here's my challenge: create a wallpaper that best portrays summer, that captures the holiday atmosphere, the sun, the fun. Try to make the wallpaper as suggestive as possible (meaning that it should make you want to hit the beach or grab a lemonade).

Feel free to use any kind of material, manga/anime/movies/music, whatever you like.

Rules (just in case):
- Don't copy/steal anyone's work, the wallpaper has to be made by you.
- Keep things clean, the usual PG13, and please avoid yaoi and the like
- The summer theme has to be present somewhere
- Please limit yourself to one entry (you only get one shot so give it your best!)
- Have fun! (yep, that's a rule :P)

Remember that larger and varied resolutions and creativity always impress. As for the prizes... if you don't feel that the medal is enough (and you like my work) feel free to ask me for a wallpaper. That's about it, have fun creating and enjoy the summer holiday!

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Summer ~espada01
Summer ~NedzumiNya
Summer Souls ~BabyD
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