Katana Show Me Wha'Cha Got, Cardmakers

It's always a good idea to stretch your boundaries and try something you haven't done before or are not comfortable with. It's what makes the words "challenge accepted" so satisfying to speak and so motivating to fulfill.

This is a Challenge based upon an observation: there are some gorgeous e-cards we have going on here at theOtaku, but I can't help but feel those skills could be put to use in the arena of wallpapers.

However, I must put up some rules here. It's not a challenge if you make both cards and wallpapers with skill and finesse. This is for those of you who stay away from making wallpapers for one reason or another, and a chance to break out of that shell and try something new. Or, if you have made wallpapers but never felt satisfied, this is also your venue.

1.) You must consider yourself a cardmaker, or someone not used to making wallpapers.
2.) Use whatever you want for your content. Anime, video games, TV shows, music - doesn't matter
3.) Keep content within the site boundaries (obviously).

- The more resolutions you make for, the better.
- You will gain mega-super-ultra points if you make a wallpaper in the maximum resolution allowed by theOtaku, 1920x1200. Catch: It has to look like it belongs at that size.

1st Place: Anything within reason.
2nd Place: Non-colored drawing, wallpaper, or card.
3rd Place: Wallpaper or card.

Questions or comments, feel free to jot 'em down.

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Hearing the Violin ~Aria Sky
Galaxy story ~LightFykki
[ VONGOLA: like a boss. ] ~Kami-chan.x3
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