Anime ABC

Heyy all :)
This is quite simple.
Just make a wallpaper using the ABC!!!
for example: The letter Z - use Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight.

so yeah... ITS THAT SIMPLE!!!!
theres a 3 month time limit so you've got ages for ideas.
you can submit as many as you want!!!
Good Luck

Winners will get a wallpaper dedication and all contestants will recieve a gift:)
and contestants are welcomed to make a request on a wallpaper or card.

thanks everyone for your entries :)

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Dobiba SakuraBloom Ocaari SakuraLacusSaiyan angel1753 ru33ell Dua Saeed Crimson Hikaru segunda etapa Ilovebadboys
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Shizuo Heiwajima! ~Bambina00
N for Naruto ! ~DelyilaRivera00
Goku Son ~blue dragon123
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