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I've done a contest before that was shojo and shonen themed, and I wanted to do another one because I loved what came out of the last one. ^^

I love shojo. I love the romance and over the top drama of the sparkly eyed, lovestruck heroines. Being a tomboy, I also love the action and adventure as well as intense, journey-bound heroes of shonen.

Shojo is generally defined as anime or manga geared towards young girls, the same as shonen generally being defined as anime or manga geared towards young men.

For this contest, I want you to pick a traditionally shojo anime or manga and design a wallpaper that would appear to shonen. How you do this is completely up to you, whether that means removing everything girly or just focusing on the males of a shojo fandom, it's totally up to you!

You've got one month. Good luck!

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I'm a Girl ~ItachiSasuke
Three Delinquents ~ElfDuchess
Found Out About You ~Allie Elric
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