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Hello there internet!

After 5 years of walling at theO, I’ve finally decided to make a wallpaper challenge~ Since I’m uncreative, I’m keeping this fairly simple and I hope at least some of you find this interesting.

The idea I’d like you all to give a try is to make a wallpaper out of an electronic song. It’s my favorite song genre to base wallpapers on. Most electronic songs don’t have lyrics, so you’re really free to let your imagination run wild.

-Wallpaper must be based on a song of the electronic genre.
-Maximum of 3 submissions per person.
-Any kind of image may be used.
-Any series may be used.
-Follow TheO’s submission guidelines.
-Give credit to all of your sources. (Image’s, texture’s, the song ect. I will be checking all resources)
-You do not have to dedicate your wallpaper to me.
-Anyone may enter.
-& Have fun!

Judging criteria:
-Wallpaper is based on an electronic song.
-Technique (extraction, image re-sizing ect.).
-General quality.
-Overall visual appeal.

First: Wallpaper, Card, 4 Icons + Gift
Second: Card, 4 Icons + Gift
Third: 4 Icons + Gift
Honorable mentions: 2 Icons + Gift

I know that music related challenges are done quite frequently, but I hope this will strike some interest in some of you~ I invited random people, so if I invited you please don’t feel obligated to enter, although I would love it if you did. I would also love to see an entry from anyone who wants to join!

I’ve included a few links to a handful of electronic songs if you’re someone who isn’t familiar with the genre. You do not have to use these particular songs! You have 2 months until the challenge ends. However many participants I get, I can’t wait to see the entries! :D

Comment or PM with any questions~

Example Songs:
Lights – Klaypex
Keep Hope Alive – capsule
Between Two Points (feat. Swan) – The Glitch Mob
Blood Sugar – Pendulum
Stompbox - The Qemists
Fuse- she
Weekend Warrior – 80Kidz

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The Lights ~ItachiSasuke
G:H:O:S:T:S ~TwinkLes
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