Carina1301 Cutee-ness ^_^

Hi there, and welcome to my second chalenge
this wallpaper challenge should be nice and simple for you to do :D

what you need to do:
-reading title- Create a wallpaper of the cutest anime character/ couple YOU have seen (can also be creature) you may also (this is optional) write a cute word or phrase on the wallpaper, anything you come up with, be creative!

Now for the rules o.O
- follow theotaku guidelines -
- DON'T steel anyone elses work this must be your own creation!
- If you dont understand anything just ask me.
- Please dedicate the wallpaper to me.
- And most importantly have fun!

I might also add that you can enter this challenge as many times as you like, and since this is a fairly easy challenge i am going to allow you to have one month to do this amazingly cute wallpaper :)
i will be judging the wallpaper on creativity, and of course, CUTENESS
Thank you, have fun

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sharing [sweet] memories ~AlexaClyne
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