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Hey there! This challenge is mainly judged on how you use the styling of putting multiple pictures in the wallpaper.
I don't want the pictures combined, but have them kind of like photos taped to a cork board or something with a similar effect.

Examples: x x x

Sorry if this isn't clear...I'll answer any questions you have, just leave a comment below!

Rules (sorry, but we have to have them):
-Use only a few select characters from a certain series (Try to use no more than 4)
-Use only one series
-Keep it PG-13 please
-Any genre is accepted, including yaoi and yuri, as long as they are PG-13 or below
-Put links in the description for any resources used. If it's not there, I will ask you to, and if when the challenge is coming to a close and there are no links, your entry WILL be disqualified.
-Dedicate it to either me (so I know when there's an entry), or to someone you know likes the series (or maybe a friend you haven't really contacted on here in a while)
-No more than 3 entries

PRIZES: 1st-wallpaper and gift
2nd-ecard and gift
3rd-signing of your page and gift
Good luck! You have two months!

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[together] ~Hanako Sho
Inuyasha and Kagome ~DemonsandAngels
Tsubasa- Picture board ~Carina1301
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