artypants1017 6- Disney Music!


Come on?
your NEVER to old for Disney.
and since I'm in my little Disney moods i decide to make you all in a Disney mood.

When we were younger I'm sure we all had a favorite Disney Movie/Character/Song/Scene etc.

Your job here is to create a Music Cover.
Any song!
For any character
For any Disney Movie.

It can be from any movie you would like BUT (oh no there's a but) the wallpaper has to have a song from that Disney Movie.


It can be any disney song from any disney movie.

Rather it's a funny song : The Lion King

Romantic: Aladdin

Sad: Hunchback of Notre Dame

Evil: The Little mermaid

Stroy Teller: Hercules

Heart warming: Tarzan



  • UNlimited entries (so if you can't deside on one, do them all)
  • Lyrics have to be somewhere ON wallpaper rather it's the whole song, or one or two sentense.
  • doesn't have to be of the one I showed you.
  • be in color or black and white doesn't matter
  • Title the wallpaper to the song
  • Have fun!!!!

I think thats about it.
Have question :) I'll answer.

You have two months!!!!

Ready... set ....... DISNEY!

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Best Friends ~ItachiSasuke
Beauty and the Beast~ ~Bleachic
We are one ~Ellenor Mererid
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