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Hello There

We are gathered here today t celebrate my first * drun roll * Challenge!


If you would like to join ill explain this challenge to you :)

- The wallpaper you submit must be Pg-13 or below!

- Dont steal things, its mean!

- Give Credit

- That means i expect links! :D

- And PLEASE PLEASE have fun :)

- Unlimited enteries =3

- You have a month ( if your looking at this at july 15 2011)

- I almost forgot to tye this: Your wallpaper should have an Inspiring Quete or something like that :)

O and lets put what Ispiring means just for inspiration( maybe )

Making somebody feel more enthusiastic,confident or stimulated and that just from the online dictionary, theres probably some better example out there :)

First Place Gets : A wallie , a card , and a gift ( and probably a sub )

Second Place Gets : A wallie, and a gift ( a sub... maybe )

Third Place Gets : A Card and, a gift ( Sub... ? )

P.S. i hope you join this CHALLENGE!

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segunda etapa
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~Belief~ ~yuuki fiedell
What you deserve. ~VivaLaParadise
Belldandy-Dreams ~Carina1301
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