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So, time to make a new challenge. Now I feel like I should put this in it now, I don't know if someone else as made a challenge like this or not, but it was just a idea I had.

I like making challenges where people have to used there friends as insperation or whatever the word would be. So, it's time you make a wall of your first impresion of them.
It might be a little hard to do, i dunno.


1: Give your signaure, doesn't have to be real big, just where I can see it

2:yaoi/yuri can be aloud, just nothing over pg13

3:can't just blow up a image can call it a wall, as have some effort put into it

4:dedicate it to the person, if they are on the O

5:Link everything that you can, or give out the names of the site you found it

i think that covers it all, if you need anything dont be afraid to ask

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