I had a different challenge in mind but after seeing all the absolutely adorable fanart for my Hetalia fanart contest I had to do a Hetalia wallpaper challenge.

So just like the fanart contest you can do any kind of wallpaper you want, any character or characters just keep it PG-13 because my little sister often helps me judge the contests.

You have 2 months! the challenge doesn't end until the middle of my birth month Yay! (born May 3rd)

------ Rules ---- Guidelines ------

+ You may submit a total of 3 wallpapers to the challenge.
- Keep things PG-13
+ other then that do what you want.
- if you have any questions just ask me.

***who's Judging?
I never think its fair to declare a winner based on just what I like so I always get 3 others to judge with me. therefore the judges this time are:
Me (A13), My little Sister Nikki , My gal friend Azusa , and my guy friend Chung-Hee.

The prizes are the ribbons and everyone that participates gets a gift. thanks in advance to those of you that join.

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