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Hello! So, for 2011, I'm creating a new challenge too! :D I kind of got it from 1dev13's album challenge, but it's a little different. I wasn't sure which category this would be in, but I guess Fanart would be fine, right? Anyway, here are the Rules:

EDIT: And apparently I don't know how to make challenges properly... last time it put it in the fanart when I wanted a wallpaper challenge, this time I wanted a fanart challenge and it put it in WALLPAPERS!! *it's SO frustrating* I wish I knew how to change it... Some help would be nice. Thank you.

I once again apologize for the confusion; you may submit your entry as a wallpaper or a fanart, it doesn't matter much to me as long as I can find it. ^^


1) Obey theOtaku.com rules!

2) Create an album for an original character.

3) You may use Photoshop or traditional tools or whatever you want!

4) Make a list of at least 20 songs that you think relate to your character. You may explain some of them if you wish, just be sure to list them! They don't have to be on the actual album art, though.

5) Have fun and be creative!

6) Give proper credit.

7) Optional: You may dedicate it to me or not, that's your choice. Or you may dedicate it to a friend!


  • First Place: 2 wallpapers
  • Second Place: 1 wallpaper and a fanart of your choice
  • Third Place: A fanart or e-card of your choice.

And... that's all! ^^ If you want to join, simply comment here or PM me! Thank you and have a nice day~!

Please enjoy and have fun!

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