edisshort *~Don't Mess with the Cuteness!~*

Create an adorable wallpaper feauturing any character from any anime or game (or use your oc). The character must exhibit a certain level of moe and must at least look like she/it will kick your ass if you get too close. (Guys can be moe too. I just wouldn't recommend using a guy unless he's as cute as Fai from Tsubasa. Using moe guys would get you brownie points ^_~) Keep your wallies original but if you do get stuck, ask a friend or look at the list below. :D
Any CLAMP characters. (Cuz their artwork in general is moe)
Princess Resurrection characters
Vampire Knight
Tokyo Mew Mew
Naruto (only Naruto girls and chibis)
Full Metal Panic
Hamtaro (I'm running out of ideas as you can see. That's why you have to be original!)

-Remember, Don't submit anything that you wouldn't want your parents to post on the fridge. Your mom would be like "OMG! Honey dearest! How do you know what those look like? I don't remember anyone teaching you that!" Then she'd have to wash your brain out with soap. And that's not very fun.

Well, thats the only rule. You can use any program you'd like.

So.......Have at thee! Create some cute but kick ass wallies!

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Vampire Princess ~abdo1727
Don't Mess with the Cuteness ~BabyD
Honey and Usa ~Support KIRA
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