HelloKatty You Remind Me Of......Katty!

My 4th challenge! wooooo! I've been in the mood for challenges lately!
oh and a quick thank you to cloud55strife for letting me make my own version of her "You remind me of....." challenge! thank you! now of the details of this challenge!

*clears throat*

So today just like cloud55strife I give you a very simple challenge that is made merely out of sheer curiosity!

The title gives you a pretty clear idea of what the challenge is about but just to make sure you know I will tell you what I'm looking for:

I want you to make a wallpaper of an anime or video game character that reminds you of this girl! *points to self* yeah me!

A lot of members do know me, some know me on a personal level, and some know more about me than others do, though I am so much more than that. But to the point I want you to make a wall based on YOUR opinion of me and what character reminds you of me! And if some of you don't really know me I have listed my personality traits. If that is no help PM either My Little Sister, Naruto Uzamaki12, xAngelWings or cloud55strife! They can most likely give you a good description of me. Other resources that might help is my blog world and some of my quiz results!

now my personality traits:

  • I'm Random
  • Hyper, I tend to get hyper a LOT!
  • Moody, I get mood swings like crazy due to my Bi-Polar
  • I can be shy
  • I love to have fun
  • I want to always be there for my friends. I care for them deeply and only wish them happiness
  • I can be violent but in reality i could never harm another living being
  • I hide my sadness with a smile because I don't want people to know i'm sad, so i just smile and act like nothing is wrong even though i'm crying on the inside.
  • I'm nice or at least i try to be
  • I'm the anti-Ari, i'm the total opposite of my sister. I'm the light and she is the darkness
  • I can be very emotional, and i'm a very enthusiastic person
  • I'm talkative
  • I get pissed easily
  • I love cats....they are so fluffy. nya!
  • I'm not good at expressing my feelings. I'm kinda a Tsundere. I have a hard time expressing my feelings at times. Like love confessions and i show affection in some weird ways [I pulled this guys hair and stuff, i had a crush on him! actually In love, i still am but i could never say it to his face.]
  • I'm not exactly social but i'm more social than my sister
  • I'm weird, maybe a little crazy, people say i am! XD
  • I'm loud! *yells for no reason*
  • I'm goofy! I like to laugh and joke and i love to tease people!
  • I'm a protective big sister/friend! hurt my sister or my friends and i kill jooh! kill jooh dead with a foam finger of doooooom!
  • I'm always thinking, i have a lot on my mind. I'm a deep person, i'm deeper than i seem.
  • I want to live life to the fullest! I believe smiles make everything better and i try to think about positives and not negatives! I try to make people smile when they are down.
  • I hate bugs, and spiders! *shudders* i'm scared of them! >.<
  • I'm curious by nature.
  • I'm brutally honest and i'm not afraid to say "you are annoying me!" in other words i speak my mind.
  • I will always be there for my friends and family! I will always have there back! A never ending loyalty.
  • I caring and helpful. If someone needs help I try my best to help them and I care about those I love.
  • I'm creative!
  • I'm very clumsy!
  • I like to give nicknames to people, things, or animals.
  • I'm serious only half of the time, unless I truly need to be. Most of the things i say shouldn't be taken to heart, i have a sarcastic humor, but i am also very serious when i need to be, actually i'm a very serious person.
  • I'm cheerful and outgoing.
  • I can be impatient and I always need to be reassured on things sometimes.
  • I can have my negative moments.
  • When i first meet someone I am shy, but once i get to know you i open up!
  • I can be immature at moments, but Mature when i need to be.
  • I'm always tired, i'm usually sleepy, i sleep in class XD

Thats all the traits I can think of. I know you guys know some traits that I don't. I'm really a big mix of different traits and I feel so many emotions at once. The is just for you to look back on if you don't already have an idea, just make a wall of a character that reminds you of me. thats the point of this challenge and i'm curious to know! XD


  • No stealing
  • Be creative
  • nothing inappropriate please, like nude stuff etc.
  • give credit where credit is due
  • Explain why the character you choose reminds you of me
  • Dedicate the work to me please.
  • Follow my rules!
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Winners Will Get: A choice between either a card, a wall, or a gift as there prize. If the winners want all three then that is fine by me.

If you have any questions regarding this challenge then just ask! :3

You have 0ne month! It ends just a day after Cloud's version of this challenge ends!

HAVE FUN!!!!! Can't wait to see all the entries! X3

Thank You cloud55strife for letting me copy your challenge! hooray for being curious!


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