Good things come in small sizes! :D

Hey all, this is my second challenge and my first one was a blast :D, thank you to those who participated and congratulations to the winners~

For this challenge I want you to come up with your best wallpaper with your favorite chibi or short character and explain briefly why they are your favorite character, I am short and I love chibis so that's why I chose the theme :P I am giving you all one month for this challenge.

Make it with bright colours, nothing too much on the dark side, but it can be dark.


~ give credit where credit is due
~ follow all TheO guidelines
~ and as always have fun!


1st: 1 Gift, 2 wallpapers or fan arts or cards OR 1 of's your choice and the shiny medal

2nd: 1 Wallpaper or fan art or card of your choice and the shiny medal

3rd: 1 Gift and the shiny medal

NOTE: The wallpapers etc etc might take a bit for me to create/draw because I will be back at school and this term will be rather hectic for me due to it is only a six week term BUT I will get them to the winners soon after the challenge has ended :)

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Primo is a fruit!! ~Yammi chan
A beautiful friendship ~CDCDCD89
Yachiru ~kezzlie
Hi there friend!

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