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    I just found this page, and immediately saw usernames I recognize and admire.
    I joined The Otaku when I was in middle school and started uploading fanart and comics. I met so many nice creators who took the time to comment on my art so I tried to do the same.

    Every day I really looked forward to getting off school and drawing. TheO is why I kept creating. I started creating in Art Rage, tried my hand at several other programs and eventually landed in photoshop for most of my high school and college life. I don't think I would have ever tried digital art without TheO.

    My favorite memories will always be other users' enthusiasm for my comic, In Search for Ramen. As a kid, it really made my day when someone I didn't know enjoyed the story I wrote, or "couldn't wait" for the next panel.

    I have really struggled with a creative block for the last 5 or so years. I haven't created anything in a long time. I still love anime and cosplay. Hoping I'll find my creative side again soon.

    I'll try to pop back here from time to time. I'm SaturnSakura (or some very similar variant) on most platforms. Hope to reconnect in the future. ^_^

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  • aurora witch's Avatar

    aurora witch

    Wow, I cant even believe how much time has passed away... I'm totally late to the party, I know but I have to write something here.

    I was just 14 when I've joined this site to simply download some Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle wallpapers. Then I've realized I wanted to and I actually can do my own wallpapers. So thanks to this site I started to learn photoshop. The community here was really warm, nobody was judging the amateur works. Years passed; I've improved myself bit by bit, created challenges, made friends- sadly lost contact with all of them but still-, become an Otaku Eternal. Long story short I stopped watching anime years ago, didn't use my ultra level photoshop skills(!) for months but I never forgot about this site.

    Now I'm 25 years old and I'm a neurologist. This site will always be an important part of my past, childhood, adolescence. I love you theO <3

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  • luicifers wife's Avatar

    luicifers wife

    Its been a while yeah? i loved meeting and talking to everyone on here. making and creating things and over all the whole community of this site!

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  • AngelBest Dream's Avatar

    AngelBest Dream

    It's been such a fun place to be . I made all my art experience and by now it's hard to see the way it is.Guess the world moved on into a new era of apps and our site is just old school.

    My fav memories is the day I was number 1 for the first time on the day. Also I had so many happy memories with all the people here.

    Catch me anytime on steam or facebook:

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  • Schultzie's Avatar


    I had come across TheOtaku in 2002, I think. I was just getting into anime, and I was looking for places to find wallpapers for my computer.

    I became a Member of MyOtaku in October of 2003. And from there, met some truly fantastic people. Although I feel like I've always been on the fringe of the community, I never felt unwelcome or unwanted. I have strong friendships to this day, because of the community here.

    You've all helped me with the loss of my Mom in 2006. And again when my dad passed away in 2013. I don't know how I would have gotten through it all without sympathetic ears and much needed diversions here.

    Hope to see some old friends soon.

    Later, Space Cowboys

    John- AKA Schultzie, AKA Otaku_Driver

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  • Stocking's Avatar


    oh, boy! i hope it's not too late to do this too!

    i first discovered theO in 2006 looking for inuyasha quizzes specifically (and because the original spiky-kun was so cute), and i kept up with some artists that still inspire me to this day!

    i didn't make an account until january 2007 so i was 14? turning 15 that year. (i wanted to make it the same time i made a gaia account as they'd be my first online "social" accounts EVER).


    i started out with the most embarrassing username and got it changed twice to what it is now!

    i have a lot of great memories here. some bad, but very many good, too!
    my time in theO chat had the best memories of all.
    theO became like me second home and it still is.

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  • Kami-chan.x3's Avatar


    Holy crapadoo! It's been over a decade since I've joined TheOtaku! I'm old! Hahahah! Wayyyy back then, I had received the invite from a friend I made on and after looking into the site for a couple days, ended up signing up and learning coding for the first time when trying to design my MyOtaku page. Then TheOtaku had its major Version Vibrant go out and ya girl was HOOKED. I swear I was fascinated with everything TheO was beginning to be.

    Designers and artists like Ritona, CleaversForKids, Angel Zakuro, RSRKingdomStars (AND THE FACT THAT I REMEMBER THESE NAMES! Goes to show how much of an impact artists on TheO have made in my life!) inspired me to grow and develop my graphic design skills. I made eCards, iPhone backgrounds, wallpapers, quizzes even!, icons, fan art, ugh and so much more! TheOtaku was my safe haven, my diary of a couple years (yikes! I cringe reading those middle-school daily entries!), my art board, my social media, my everything. TheO meant the world to me.

    And LET ME TELL YA! When I finally became an Otaku Legend- I was. IN. THE. CLOUDS. I had never been so proud of anything, like ever lol.

    And now today I'm currently working at Disney. I just recently accepted a graphic designer position with the company over in LA that I'll be starting early January. I recently graduated as the president of my class and of the graphic design club (whoot whoot!). And I wouldn't be where I am today without TheO.

    So to Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    ILY 5EVER,

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  • Mrs Vinsmoke's Avatar

    Mrs Vinsmoke

    I first joined TheO in 2006, I believe, and I love it here. Even though I don't submit anything here anymore and none of my good friends are here I love it.

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  • LGA775's Avatar


    Where do I start? there are so many great memories of theO I will always remember... First let me start by saying how many awesome people I've met here on theO, not to mention extremely talented artists... There are so many things I really miss about this site, Myotaku, the cosplay section of Myo, and the top 8 drawing board...

    Myotaku was amazing and very easy to use... I joined theO in 2006 when I was 21 years old and even today I can honestly say I'm glad to be part of theO community

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  • Starscream's Avatar


    Most of you will know me as Axel, but I've had other names in the past as well such as Freakazoid and Inspector Gadget.

    I first joined in 2003 and I remember people being incredibly friendly from the outset. As soon as chat was introduced, though, I ended up in there on most days when I was free. There I met some amazing people, a lot of which I am still in contact with to this day through Facebook, my TheO group on there, my Discord server and other such sites. At one point I was even mod of the chat for a while and I am actually a mod over in the Discord server right now. (Seriously, go check it out if you can.) A few of you lovely people actually attended my wedding back in 2016, which was amazing!

    I will always treasure everyone's friendship and I very much miss those I have lost touch with.

    Feel free to stay in touch with me via the links.

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  • Rainbow Dragon's Avatar

    Rainbow Dragon

    I first joined theOtaku when I was in middle school. I was a naive shy person who had a budding passion for creating things for my favorite fandoms and I got my first real art exposure here. I met so many friends for the past 11 or so years I've been here, have improved my artwork, and overall have made so many friends here that I'm not likely to forget. I am just thankful for the many good memories I've made here like art challenges, role plays, chatting with friends, and just participating in a community. I miss those days. I am thankful for the many friends I have made here, without these people, I probably wouldn't be who I am today.

    I may not be as active here but I will always check in from time to time to see what my friends are up to. Of course I like sharing my work too. That's why I initially joined, to share my works (wallpapers and fanarts) with the world and the fandom community at large. Thanks theO for being the first place to give me a platform to share my work, get in touch with people that have similar interests, and have given me light when I was in dark places. Thanks theO and happy birthday. I am so happy to have been apart of this site for so many years.

    I also post things on my DeviantArt (click the website #1 link), so please contact me there as well if you want. :)

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  • Kazamas-Keyblade's Avatar


    I had many fond memories of here, considering it was all I did after school before I got way too busy.

    Absolute best memories is of meeting a lot of cool folks that I'd like to keep in contact with for the rest of my life.

    Also remembered the memes we did here.
    Remembered looking at all of the awesome artwork.
    Remembered waiting to get promoted so I could start Challenges.
    Remembered (and cringed a bit) at joining RPs.
    Remembered decking out my Worlds and trying to create the best one.
    Remembered doing countless quizzes.

    I just love everything about this place.

    I don't really do a lot for social media right now but here's what I got:

    Instagram: _kylethe_wild
    Youtube: Alaxastar009, Plasma Rock Gamer 602, Kazama's Keyblade

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  • tiggerola's Avatar


    Ah so many memories! I discovered TheO while searching for DBZ pics back when internet was relatively new. Then later got a message about having a blog (Good ol' MyO) and boom! I could share my fan-stuff! It encouraged me to finish my fanfics that were just dreams before and try my drawing skills and a purpose to photoshop! I lived for creating things to share with others that loved the same animes that I did. All the sharing, comments, feedback, making friends, role playing, expounding fan theories. Being able to chat with YuYu Hakusho fans on a weekly basis in the chatrooms. Sharing my work in Fan dubs and Radio Dramas. Making friends with Otaku's in real life then find they're a fan of something I created or meeting friends from here in person. Love this place!

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  • Japan's Avatar


    Well, where do I start? I have been coming to this site what feels like 20 years or so and I have known Adam for about as long. There are far too many memories to pick just one so I will make a list just like Adam:

    • Teh Silly Circus and the many AIM chats
    • DragonWarrior's creative flash animations with members
    • Aussie James' kill bill RPG
    • Aussie James' matrix short story event
    • Charles
    • All the meeting of members over the years and how meeting these members both offline and just online has given me lifelong friendships
    • Late night chats with Desbreko and his anime Rec's (RIP)
    • TimeChaser and him getting me into Doctor Who
    • Ginger introducing me to MST3K
    • Adam and Gail allowing me to write anime synopsis for the site
    • But....the main thing...this site and this community truly enriched my life during years of depression. I am a far better person and far more cultured JUST because of this site and its members. I wouldn't be the person I am today without that.

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  • tsubasachro's Avatar


    I fondly remember my friend (Wallpaperotaku) coming to me at school.
    She scribbled the name of this website on a piece of binder paper. Underneath it was user name "Tsubasachro" and a password. I was told to log in and change my password and start making things.

    Years later here I am! Practicing my wallpapers for this website helped teach me how to use Photoshop! Which I now use every day for work!!

    If you want to follow me on any of the website links I'm including, send me a message saying you're from TheO and I'll auto follow you back! Especially if your username is different than here so I know who you are!!


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  • saijinto's Avatar


    This site was my gateway to the internet, and the first place i ever posted my art. This place and the people i got to know, i'll never forget the joy and very fond memories i made here. It felt nice to post and not feel judged and just accepted.

    I always come by here and just look around and smile, for two years i forgot my password but then i remembered it randomly a few months back, and it was nice to just look through messages :) Thanks to this site i continued to pursue art cause i was inspired just by how nice everyone was and encouraging, i'll never forget the first time my art was featured. And now i do it for a living and i owe this site for helping me hold on to that dream:)

    I remember so many nights and weekends just spending time on here chating with people about anime, and videogames and i'll always cherish these memories. I still play games(i dont think i'll ever stop, jrps are life) I remember looking forward to when school would end so i could come on this site:) Thanks Adam for allowing all of this to have been possible, and affecting so many lives in the best way possible:)

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  • Felcie's Avatar


    I have so many favourite theO memories, out of all the websites I've been on, theO truly is the one where I felt the most comfortable in. I met so many people and some are now close friends, I discovered that I could create stuff and I improved so much since thanks to all the nice and constructive comments I received.

    I was just leaving high school when I joined theO and now I'm already done with college and I'm working... It's so hard to believe! I create less nowadays but I miss this place sometimes and it will definitely stay close to my heart!

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  • cougarsama's Avatar


    I joined so I could make some funny e-cards and post my artwork. But over the years, I got to exchange messages (and sometimes life-advice) with people.

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  • Petie's Avatar


    I'm not even sure where to begin. I've been around for nearly 15 years now and this site (and especially myOtaku) was a huge part of my life growing up. I made some incredible friends and had a blast over the years and remember groups like THAT very fondly. Even still, I'll occasionally check in, go through old guestbook entries, posts, and comments, and have nothing but happy memories from that time in my life. I've lost touch with most, if not all, of those friends over the years but I'll certainly never forget them or the time we spent together here.

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  • pandaman08's Avatar


    Theotaku was there for me from the beginning to the end of my college years. Everyone was so supportive and kind, not to mention very talented! I missed the top 8 featured drawing board. Love and enjoyed all of the fun activities that have kept all of us connected and involved. I made a lot of precious friends who are still my friends today. TheO is a very special place. Helped me expressed myself and find connections with other people like me.Thank you Adam and to all of the mods and members who made theO awesome. Have a lovely day everyone.

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  • HotRamen2Go009's Avatar


    I remembered the best time was when Adam held the comment slam event and all of us would be making comments so we can reach our goal to unlock cool features on theO. I missed the top 8 on fan art that show which artwork are the most viewed. The fan art challenges sections was always filled with many challenges. All the friends I made on here are awesomely talented & this site was what helped me got through college! Thanks and happy birthday to the Otaku!

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  • Shimuzaki's Avatar


    I remember a lot of good times on the O. The chatroom, quizzes, wallpapers. I met friends that had a prolific change on my life and who I was through the O. I hope they are all doing well, as well as everybody else at The O. It was good to see things again here. Happy 21st The

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  • cowboysean's Avatar


    My favorite memory was being apart of the Caption contest and making ecards here.

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  • PrincessAshlynde's Avatar


    I didnt even realize how long Its been for me here! Happy Bday O!

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  • Yamchaa's Avatar


    My greatest memories so far, would have to be connecting with people that had similar interests, whether it was anime or videogames. I always enjoyed posting updates, and pictures of the anime and games I acquired over the years. I also enjoyed recommending anime and games to people that were just getting into them. I've been around for so long, but at the same time it doesn't seem like that much time has passed. I'll certainly have yo update my page, since it's been a while since I've done that lol. It would be good to update about a lot of the anime I have now.

    As for me, I still play games and buy anime, my gamertag for Xbox and PlayStation is STARCHILD8883 , I also have a twitch account under the same name. I'm on Facebook and YouTube as well, anyone can add me if they like, you can message me here if you have any questions. Stay on the lookout for a big update on my yamcha's anime universe world, because it's on its way lol.

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  • Miracle Star19's Avatar

    Miracle Star19

    Wow It's been awhile that log on here, I can't believe its been 11 years that I join this site and I'm happy to be here. ^^ Even though I hardly talk much or post but made great friends and improve my art as time goes by. My favorite silliness from the chat, been call theO greeter and more. X3

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  • xXShayde WolfXx's Avatar

    xXShayde WolfXx

    If I had to pick a favorite memory, then I'd probably pick all the riff raff and fun I had throughout my time in TheO's chatroom. I've made so many friends (and some enemies) during my time on there. So many goofy moments, so much drama, and so much fun. Although this site may not be like it used to be, it'll still hold a place in my heart for many years.
    I won't go into too much detail, but thanks, TheOtaku, for being a big part in my life and pulling me out of so many situations. The time I've spent here was grand.

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  • byakuyarox1's Avatar


    My favorite memory about the O is pretty much just me trying to improve my art every time I came on. The community was very friendly and helpful with their advice and comments.

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  • Adam's Avatar


    Running theO was a dream. I'm grateful to all our staff, visitors, and partners for making it possible.

    Here are a few of my favorite theO memories:

    • Our lovely team
    • Befriending and meeting so many wonderful members online and in person, especially those who are no longer with us
    • Representing theO at conventions
    • Celebrity chats and interviews
    • Fun member contests
    • Busting the crooks behind the Las Vegas charity convention scandal
    • Being a professional goofball and occasional troll
    • theO's podcast
    • Having theO quoted on the back of DVDs
    • Having theO win a "best site" award on G4 TV
    • Creating one of the first personality quiz websites
    • Creating one of the first user-submitted art websites
    • Launching myOtaku, one of the first blogging services, and seeing people sign up
    • The Otaku Attack Squad
    • Late Night theO Chat Sessions
    • Working with FUNimation
    • Ask Adam
    • Helping people learn how to draw with Art of Otaku
    • Helping people make friends
    • Helping artists spread their work and get better

    The goal with theO was always to build a website that people could look back upon fondly. The name of the site, "theOtaku" was a combination of two sites from my own childhood: theDojo and Sega-Otaku (both of which are long gone). I hope theO has that same association for many of you.

    I started theO when I was 16 and am now 35, so we grew up together. As such any theO member can always email me for any reason at my personal address (adamgha at

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