KamalS Which Undertale Soul Are You?

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    What's your favorite color? (Will not affect your results)


    Select your weapon.

    Toy Knife
    Tough Glove
    Ballet Shoes
    Torn Notebook
    Burnt Pan
    Empty Gun

    Make a fashion statement.

    Faded Ribbon
    Manly Bandanna
    Old Tutu
    Cloudy Glasses
    Stained Apron
    Cowboy Hat
    My style

    Which fighting style did you most enjoy?

    Move Mode
    Jump Mode
    Trap Mode
    Shield Mode
    Shooter Mode
    Normal Mode
    Still Mode

    Which best heals you?

    Positive words
    A lucky streak
    Positive reinforcement

    Time for some scenarios! You ready?

    Let's go!!
    I dunno...I guess, maybe?

    After waiting in line for ten minutes to order a cup of coffee, the woman in front of you has a large order. How do you handle this?

    Throw a fit, cuss out and lady, the employees, and anyone else who dares get in your path
    Wait for the woman to finish her order then order your coffee and leave

    You see your high school rival being bullied by three upper classmen. What do you do?

    Step in and stand up for them
    Pretend you didn't see anything, they probably deserve it anyway

    You get into a car accident that was your fault, but by some miracle, the scene itself looks like the other driver is to blame. The police come to the scene of the accident and you tell them�

    The real story exactly as it happened
    twist the story so that it sounds like the other driver was at fault

    Your boss approaches you with work for a very important client. Oh, and you need to have all the work done and a presentation prepared by tomorrow morning. What do you do?

    Deny the project
    Accept the project and work dilligently to gather all the information you'll need for the next day

    You're buying yourself lunch and you happen to overhear the man behind you mumbling worriedly about not having enough money. You...

    pretend you heard nothing, pay for your lunch, and go eat
    Tell the cashier that you'll be paying for the man behind you as well

    Your best friend comes to your house begging for your help. During a heated argument they had beaten their significant other into unconsciousness. He/She begs you to tell the police you were with them if the bf/gf should report it to the police. The police eventually do come to ask about your friend�s alibi. What do you do?

    Tell the police the truth, and about your friend coming over and asking you to lie for them
    Tell the police that your friend was with you and their bf/gf is lying.

    Which do you feel best describes you?


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