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    How are you?

    Great! Thanks for asking!!!
    ...This is a personality quiz, not a conversation!
    ...Not too good...
    What kind of question is that?!?

    There's a new student at school. What do you do?

    Internally barf at their choice of clothes.
    I probably wouldn't notice them... unless they bump into me. If that happens, I'll yell at them.
    I'd totally strike up a conversation! New students equal new friends!!!
    I'll say hi if they notice me...
    ...I AM the new student...

    I'll just get this one out of the way... what's your favorite color?

    Green, duhhhh...
    ...Blue, I guess...

    What's one word that describes you perfectly?

    ...Timid... I guess...
    Trendy. Duh... (Me: That's technically two words. o3o)
    Uh... (Me: THINK!!! XD)

    Me: *appears out of nowhere and gives you candy*

    ...Where did you get this?
    Wow! Thanks!!!
    ...Okay then...

    Someone took the candy I just gave you!!! What do you do?

    *punches them*
    *didn't notice that they ate it* Hey!!! Give that back! *they spit it out* Ew... never mind...
    ...Maybe I would have shared if you ASKED first...
    *screams and panics*

    What emoticon represents your personality?

    O~< '

    When you're bored...

    I'm rarely bored... I've got my imagination!
    I cry and complain about how I hate being bored...
    Two words: Social media.
    I panic.

    Your best friends...

    Are pretty cool...
    Really gross me out sometimes...
    Are awesome!!!
    Can be really annoying...
    I don't have a lot of friends...

    Your favorite kind of video game?

    Definitely not horror games, that's for sure!!!
    Anything with a really interesting story...
    I LOOOOOOOOVE cute puzzle games!!!
    Anything that won't make me rage quit!!!
    Do apps count?

    You made it! This is the end of the quiz! The final question is... be random.

    RAINBOW UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *runs around while screaming*
    *rage quits*
    Uh... (awkward pause) *cries because I can't be random*
    *takes selfies*

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