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ScourgeSiji Darkreaper19

    hey, there, friend! you HAVE heard of Maximum Ride, right?

    I AM Maximum Ride!!!
    she's a charm, isn't she?
    wait... the book or the person? cause Maximum Ride is a good book! you should read it some time! Max is so cool, too, don't chya think?
    yeah, what about her?
    YEAH!! *toot* oops! ).)'
    i wish i was Max. she's so easy going and everything...
    nah, haven't. yet... (if so, then i reccomend it)

    well, moving on, let's start with a question that most quizzes have. *ahem* WHAT is YOUR favourite COLOR/S?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 4 answers)
    BLACK, of course!
    RED, for the blood of ENEMIES!!!
    BLUE... i think...
    i like purple, cause it makes me feel all girly! i wish i had a purple poodle or something. Angel has a black scottish dog, you know? his name is Total!
    i like WHITE, cause of my wings. and it's Angelic.
    don't have one.
    hmm... i think green, cause of the grass. i like the feel of it.
    BROWN, cause of my FUR!!!
    i dunno. pink, maybe?
    grey, i guess.

    okay. i have run out of real questions. RP TIME!!!! let's ROLE!! HEH, get it? role?

    HAHAHAH, get a life!
    what's RP?
    i don't wanna!
    Oooh! i love RP! last RP i did was about SPACE! speaking of space, did you see the Space Core in Portal 2? he's so COOL!!! i reckon, if i were a core, i would be HIM!
    speak English, please!
    yeah, i have work to do, so...

    you are on the run. Erasors have cornered you and are deliberatly taking their time with catching you, slowly making their way to you.

    what are you talking about? oh. the erasors on the floor, i see. moaning in pain...
    what are you talking about? i AM an ERASOR!!!
    they wouldn't hurt me. i practically control them!
    i can make them think they are fairies if i really wanted to.
    FART POWER!!! *POOT* what a RIPPER!!!
    just a left kick here, just a right punch there, here a punch, there a kick, Erasors running EVERYWHERE!!! heh.
    oh, great. i'm in hot Bacon AGAIN. easy as pie, anywho.
    im used to this.

    you snap out your wings and take off!! they do so, too, but they are heavier and awkward fliers, so you out run- i mean fly- them easily.

    of course i do! i have super flying powers!
    what Erasors? i took them out AGES ago!
    ... rly?
    omaigawd YAY i win again! can you believe it? i can! i do this everyday!
    HEY! take that back! i get that we're awkward fliers, but come on! we're not fat! we're MUSCLY!!
    i'm hungry >n
    Max did a good job out there!
    i'm real tired of this! =-=

    eventually, you find your way to another School and you find 2 kids flapping their wings deperately, trying to get away from some whitecoats.

    just leave them there. i won't get any benefit out of it if i help them.
    Ooh! hybrids that ACCTUALLY WORKED!!!! *swoops down and helps*
    oh, cool! i wonder if they are avian? or maybe eagle, or hawk, or owl, or bat. wait... they have feathers... how can they be bats? they have feathers!! maybe they are.........
    help the white coats out, of course!
    let Max handle it!
    i'll do whatever Max says.

    you swoop down and grab one, one of the other flock members doing so, too. you fly off to a cave nearby and let them sleep with your flock.

    since when did i invite intruders into my flock?
    feed them. they must be really hungry! i was really hungry once or twice. in fact, i was pretty sure that i was dying of hunger! my stomach was practically eating me! and then i found..........
    kill them in their sleep!
    stay up at night. they might have trackers in them, so... yeah. stay up.
    they are not part of the flock. keep the real flock members away from them.
    they are part of Max's DESTINY to SAVE the WORLD...
    leave them with food so they don't get hungry, then take off without them.
    i can see that they don't pose a threat. unless they are lying...

    kay. i can't think of anything else -_-'

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    AWW, COME ON!!! that was getting GOOD!! (thank you! i reccomend you to my Maximum Ride world!)
    YES!!! finaly! it was getting boring, anyway!
    imma kill you now.
    aww, that was really good! i wish it continued, so that way i might find out if imma good fighter or something!!! or maybe *this* will happen, or possibly *that* ....
    i've had worse, but it wasn't my favourite.
    I AM HUNGRY. (nice to meet you, Hungry. i am Darling V. you can call me DV for short)
    why don't you try a question like 'do you think i am a dousche?', of which, in that case, i would've selected 'yes'
    you have just wasted Max's time. thank you.

    so... hmm... check out my Maximum Ride world if you like Maximum Ride.

    nah. i don't like Maximum Ride. i just wanted to do this quiz cause i'm a WEIRDO.
    i don't even know how i am selecting these answers. imma blind FREAK.
    YEAH, Max is so awesome!!!
    MUST... RIP... OUT... HEART....
    no. just. no.
    i love Max. she's really strong. thank God she's got such a big destiny ahead.

    hmmm... do you like pie?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    OMAIGAWD i love pie! i like pumpkin, beef, berry, fruit, and all those kinds! i even ate 5 pies in a ROW once best. day. EVER.
    i don't really like pies.
    depends on the flavour
    i don't mind beef... i guess...
    as long as it goes to Max, then im cool with it.
    i guess so...
    yea, sure, if you say so.
    what?! this has NOTHING TO DO WITH A QUIZ!!!!!!

    yeah, as you can tell, i really AM running out of questions... what do you think about your fave character?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    S/he's really tough when it comes to fighting!
    they never give up!
    they have multiple personalities!
    they are good with explosives!
    they can control people!
    they talk alot!
    they are really cute! (BTW i am meaning cute as in bunny, not hot!)
    they are really quiet!
    they are helpful!
    ... uh... i dunno. they just look cool?

    well... thank for taking the quiz. we'll see you around, eh?

    yeah! i will see you later, okay? i really liked your quiz! you should make more! if i could make a quiz, it'd be on favourite foods, or drinks, or hair color or.....
    yeah. okay.
    I shall FIND you. there is no where to run. and i shall KILL you, for wasting my time... enjoy your life for now... (O.O)
    i didn't like your quiz at ALL.
    i have had better quizzes, but it was okay... i guess.
    next it's TOTAL'S turn!!!!

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