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    For starter: Do you like pigs?

    Nope. Most of them are annoying. >.
    Pigs? I don't care much...
    Either for fun and so I can kick it, so maybe yeah...
    It's such a manly creature... Hey, long time no see!

    What's your favorite guild?

    Something in Traditional, like Japanese *Mellow*
    Guild is about how to get along, not about the place looks like *Nero*
    A guild with an eccentric guild-master *Naru*
    A guild with the 3 rank-tournament guild-master *Oink*
    A guild fill with emperors and tough fighters *Shuu*
    Something full of killers and manly figures *Haha*
    None, i hate guilds

    What's your sentence ender?

    What's a sentence ender?

    How's your personality/ what type of person are you?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 4 answers)
    Wild, rude and bossy
    Kind, silent and helpful
    Eccentric, and picked
    Anything to be an emperor!
    I dunno, but i'm always hungry
    I seek every player in the Serpent of Lore
    Strenght is everything!
    I don't understand myself ._.

    Are you cheerful or grumpy?

    Cheerful cute person ^^
    No, i hate you!
    I dunno how i feel

    About our guild: Are you the one that started it?

    Yes, its fun to be a guild-master (in various reasons)
    No, i don't (someone ask me for it)

    What type of grunty would you like to hug?

    Rude but rare one
    The one with weird glasses
    Kickable one
    Beast and short
    The one who loves to draw, especially fish
    The one who doesn't have much role
    Maybe all?

    Final question: Which of the following grunties you like?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Death Grunty
    Wise Grunty
    Nazo Grunty
    Gao Grunty
    Melo Grunty
    King Grunty
    None of the above

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