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    Talk more than listen.
    Listen more than talk.

    You're brave?

    For the most of the time!
    I try to...

    Yay, free afternoon! What do you do?

    Do something with your best friend/family.
    Go on a date/party/playing sport.
    Relax in house with a good book/game/movie.
    Go on a trip to the nearest forest/park.

    Can you make new friends easily?

    Yes, no problem. It can be anyone.
    Yes, but it has to be someone really interesting (with same passion, hobby ect.).
    Probably yes, but I prefer my old friends and don't need the new ones.
    Not really. You know, I want to, but I'm a little shy...
    No. I don't like them, they don't like me and I'm okay with this.

    Can you focus on something for a long time?

    Yes, it's easly for me. I'm almost out of touch with reality.
    Yes, but it depends on theme/subject.
    Not really - I can be easly distracted -__-'

    You prefer to:

    Do lots of things at once?
    Focus on one thing at a time?

    In relationship your decisions are based on:

    It depends of the person.

    You're always:

    Warm and friendly : D
    Cool and reserved :I
    Angry and nervous >:C
    It depends on the day.

    The person you know is doing something wrong and you:

    Don't interfere. You avoid conflicts.
    Are trying to give her/him know about it.
    Honestly say what's wrong, but without insolence.
    Directly say what is wrong and don't care what she/he think about you.

    Someone insulted you. Your reaction?

    Ah, never mind. The best solution is to forget about it.
    You don't understand why she/he did this, but what's done is done.
    You will remember this for a long time and wait for an opportunity for little revenge.
    You hurt her/him as much as she/he does. Nobody has the right to offend you!

    What speaks to you more?

    "Work first, play later."
    "Play first, work later."

    Do you make plans?

    Yes, and if I decide about something, it must be so. No matter what.
    Yes, but I keep them flexible - there's always something can change.
    Yes, but I love spontaneous actions!
    No. What must be, will be. Plans are just pointless.

    Are you truthful?

    Sometimes. I'll lie if it is beneficial for me.
    For the most time I can't, because I'm lying automatically and don't like it.
    Yeah, why not? People are so naive that it's almost funny.

    What is your favorite time of the day?


    And the last question. You describe yourself as:

    Good person.
    Somewhere in between.

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