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    Which is your favorite phase?

    Macha *insert romantic song here*

    What's your best job?

    Adept Rogue. We would need a lot of weapons!
    Harvest Clerics will do, I hate fighting.
    Steam Gunner. Nice shot.
    Macabrre Dancer. Looks pretty.
    Shadow Warlock will do, let's go wizards!
    Blade Brandier. Disaster Sword!
    Tribbal Gappler. Let's kick some ass!
    Anything that can make every player into coma.

    What's your favorite city?

    Eternal City Mac Anu
    Celestial City Dol Dona
    Dual City Breg Epona
    Netslum Tartaga
    Warring City Lumina Cloth

    What would you say in summoning Avatar?

    Come on, come on! I'm right here...
    Please, give me strength, to protect everyone!
    Go, Magus!
    No you don't!
    She've bored in this type of battle...
    Let's dance, Travos!
    Rebirth, Corbenik!
    ... / Aaaaahh..!

    If you have an Avatar, what would you use it for?

    I'll use it for whatever I like, and whenever I like!
    I didn't know I have one?
    To protect players.
    I didn't realize...
    To be with my love, Master En!
    I don't care what it is, I want to be with 'her'.
    To save the world
    To banish AIDA

    Kestrel attacks your friends, what would you do?

    I'll kick their ass! No one hurts my friends!
    What should I do? Oh dear...
    Hey, remember me? *attract the Kestrel to escape the friends*
    I never deal with these conditions, so I dunno.
    Vak Don! Who are you calling a midget?!
    'She' might want to join as well...
    Hiya! *kick the Kestrel*
    Rebirth! Corbenik!
    *Data Drain*

    Sakaki won't help you, how would you react?

    Forget it, he's just too jealous.
    He will help, just let me talk :)
    I dunno, he's arrogant.
    *becomes Nala and slap him*
    Rue Kruz! Will you help us or not?!
    'She' will curse you, you little trash...
    How did he know GU?!
    *Evil stare*

    Aina is missing!

    Is it the ghost girl?
    Who's Aina?
    I can't find her everywhere! *in Mac Anu*
    I'll search her in Serpent Of Lore.
    Me and 'She' will find her...
    She's in back alley! Hurry!
    Aina! Where are you?!
    It's okay, she's with me. *Bo at last*

    You lost your best stuff, what would you do?

    I'll get it back! No matter what!
    Hey, I need it!
    *Feels sad and heartache*
    Please, stop Saku, Haseo!
    Have you seen 'Mia'?
    *no comment*
    Aina! I'll wake you up!

    Look! A God Chim-Chim!

    Great! Let's kick it!
    Oh, its cute~
    I'm more interested in data.
    Attack with spell!
    Disaster Sword!
    Its just an event...
    Okay *gives AIDA*

    What would you do if you find a lucky animal?

    Don't kick it!
    Oh, lucky me.
    I hope it likes me...
    I don't care, 'Mia's cuter.
    Not interested.
    Whatever. *aim Steam Gunner*

    The Gomora's attacking, what should you do?

    Shot it with my new DG X!
    I'll just supporting.
    Let's fight!
    Quick! Finish them!
    Hahahahahaha! *Use the strongest spell*
    Summoning Avatar
    Shell Shock!
    Corben... oh, nevermind.

    *Being annoying*. Your reaction?

    Dammit! You're so irritating!
    Are you asking me or dumb?
    What are you..?
    I'll punch you if you do it again!
    That's a weird condition of yours...
    Stop it, you brat.

    What Avatar would you use to fight Cubia?

    Skeith 3rd Form
    Innis, just use the skill to avoid it :D
    I think we can't fight Anti-Existent...
    Stay Baaaaack..!
    *Bolt of love*
    Can't fight, I'm in coma...

    Promise card, who will you give the card to?

    Someone special to me.
    Has.. *blushing*
    Kuhn, me!
    Thank you.
    You're my best big bro.
    *Forever in love* (Ugly scene XD)
    The old hag.
    I'm not there.

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