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Hetalia: Axis Powers Quizzes
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    Hello, and welcome!

    Get to the point, please.
    Ah, thank you. I am glad to be here.
    This seems like fun!
    Awesome, i am super excited!
    Why, thank you. Same to you.
    *Acts creepy*
    Thank you, now move along!

    Ok, Don't kick me, but what's your favorite color?

    I like pink. It is calm, yet upbeat.
    I like dark green. Seems stable.
    Blue! I just like it!
    I love red so much, bro!
    I like green, and blue.
    I like them all, ohohon.
    I dont really mind.
    Doesnt matter, but I like yellow.

    RP Time!

    Ok then.
    I look forward to it.
    That sounds fun!
    Awesome, I love RP!
    Sounds good.
    I hope that this will be "fun"
    Get on with it.

    You are sitting in a cafe, and you see a woman walk in with a man with a wedding ring on, hugging. What do you think?

    I just order my food! Yummy!
    Stare at the sunflower on the table.
    I think that he is cheating on his wife. Bastard.
    Dude is probably cheating on his wife.
    Well, he took a page out of my book.
    I suspect he is a cheater, so I avert my eyes.
    Perhaps they are brother and sister.

    Someone hugs you from behind. How do you react?

    I throw him off and demand to know who he is.
    I stay calm, asses the situation, and face the perpetrator.
    I yell in surprise, and punch him. IN THE FACE.
    I yell, then slap him with a wok.
    I scream and cry until someone rescues me.
    Creep him out.
    Angrily yell at him.

    You enter the G8 meeting. Who are you happiest to see?


    RP over, sorry it was short!

    Ok, fine with me.
    It was totally fun while it lasted!
    I enjoyed it.
    That was fun!
    Ok, it wasnt bad.
    Move along!

    Which words best describes you? BE HONEST.

    Rule follower.
    Polite, and kind.
    Fun and happy!
    Enthusiastic and outgoing!
    Proper, and proud.
    Responsible and nostalgic.
    Tradition oriented.
    Strong willed and quiet.

    Which are you happiest wearing?

    Some sort of uniform.
    Something semi-formal.
    Something I look ok in!
    Some thing casual and comfortable!
    Soomething that is comfortable, but NOT casual.
    Something I look fab in.
    Something traditional.
    Something to keep me warm.

    Oh well, the quiz is over! Goodbye!

    Thank you, and have a good day.
    Same to you!
    Au revoir~!
    Have a lovely day.
    Catch you later! This was great!
    Goodbye! Have a HAPPY day.

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