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    Hey! First quiz, so take it easy on me, yeah?

    Hi there! No problem, newbies are expected!
    Well, hello! Hmm, new, are you? You better learn to do this well!
    Yeah, whatever.
    Better not make me angry!
    *eats potato*

    I'm not going to ask you the generic 'What is your favorite color' question, I promise. Instead, which tribe are you hoping to be part of?

    Clavats! They're peaceful, so I heard.
    Yukes, 'cause they're knowledgeable and MAGICAL!
    Selkies! We're super-speedy, and the ONLY TRIBE TO DO DOUBLE-JUMPS!
    Lilties are cool. They're tiny, but pack some punch!
    I'm fine with any really. I just came because I had nothing else to do.

    Well, if you went with Selkies, all I can say is, JOIN ME!! Still though, there's a lot of the quiz left.

    Oh, fine by me!
    Have you learnt for the exams yet?
    Woot woot! Let's go be Selkies, yeah!
    Make it quick, I need to sharpen the weapons and train my troops. (Oh, warlord, aren't you?)
    Okay! ^^

    So, which of these weapons sound most appealing? Mind you, the Magic Book is capable of quite a lot, even if it's a book! DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE BOOKS!!

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    I wouldn't really have a weapon... I'm more of a peacemaker. Although, I guess I'm not too shabby with a Sickle.
    Magic Book, maybe. Or a Staff.
    A Paddle, or maybe a Sword. (Ooh, a yes for the sword!)
    I've got my trusty Hammer and Spear. What else do I need?
    I'm fine with anything, really.
    POTATO! (Spud off >.>)

    What's your main source of income?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Thieving! >:D
    Do I look like I need income? I'm a warlord. We get income from whatever we conquer.
    I'm a Jack-of-all-trades. Anything worth doing, I do it.

    Thievery to the max! Yeah, go Selkies! Erhm, back to the topic. What, in your opinion, is the best attire?

    A simple farmer's clothing, maybe a little armor just in case.
    I'm a walking suit of armor, so I really don't have what you call an 'attire'.
    Something flashy ;P
    Something practical with a lot of armor
    Whatever fits best, I guess.

    7. What's your height?

    Short. (No problem! ^^ I'm short too!)
    Not telling.

    What's your preferred fighting style?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    I... don't really like fighting. But I will, if I ABSOLUTELY must.
    I'm going to go nuts with Magic!!
    A hit-and-run technique, that's me. Maybe some long-range shots.
    Melee, and BRUTE FORCE!
    A mix of styles, whatever goes with the situation.
    POTATO!! (And here I thought you'd forgot about it.)

    Which of these just scream, "YEAH, THAT'S ME!!"?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Calm, peacemaker.
    Passive, quiet.
    Knowledgeable, smart, wise.
    Dependable, trustworthy.
    Not mistrusted, I swear! *innocent whistle* (Oh, I see.)
    Sly, cunning.
    Strong-willed, 'I-am-justice'.
    Hot-headed, determined.

    Wondering where the scenarios were, were you? Well the first one. There's land nearby, just waiting to be settled! How're you going to do it?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    Farm it, the soil's sure to be rich! Maybe take along some livestock.
    I'll build a school. Teach some youngsters some good things. You, come along and learn too!
    Oh, I'll wait till someone's already there. Then I'll go STEAL!
    What's the point? There's nobody to conquer. Oh well, might as well as conquer the animals!
    Go take my besties along!

    Well, whatever your method was, it succeeded. Now you're with your fellow tribes-people, building your new empire. What's it like there?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 2 answers)
    It's rolling farmland.
    It's pretty prosperous.
    It's a center of knowledge and learning.
    It's entirely Magic-driven. (Sounds cool!)
    It's a giant fort!
    The citizens are elite warriors. (Awesome!)
    Does a 'center of thievery' count?
    It's a flourishing black market

    I'd like to see just how much better your place is than mine! But wait, uh-oh! Enemies, preying on YOUR land! Quick! What's your strategy?

    I'd work it out with them.
    I'd invite them to learn with me!
    I'll steal their stuff. Then they can't attack.
    Oh, I'll teach them a lesson alright!
    I'd let them work with me on the farm! They can be part of the empire too!
    I'll pretend to be part of them, then overthrow their leader and become the ULTIMATE RULER!!
    I'd eat them then. Like potatoes.

    Hmph. Not much trouble, were they? How are the captives treated? That is, if you DO have captives.

    I don't have captives.
    I'll teach them Magic!
    I'll steal their stuff! (They're captives. They don't HAVE any stuff to steal from.) I'll trick them into giving me whatever they give, then.
    I'd discipline them and train them to be strong soldiers.
    Whatever I feel like doing at the moment.
    TURN THEM INTO POTATOES! (Please... I'm begging you... no more potatoes...)

    Well, the second-to-last question! How was my quiz?

    Oh, I enjoyed it! I wonder if the potatoes would make good seed potatoes. (Oh no, not you too!)
    Well, I hope you learnt something about quizzes!
    Eh. I could make a better one.
    Not a total waste of time, I actually thought of some ways to conquer your empire! (Wait, what?)

    The end! Hope you get the results you wanted! ^^ Bye!

    Oh, maybe!
    I will gain more knowledge and get the results I want!
    Whatever. I could've done some pick pocketing if I hadn't stopped here.
    That's it! Strategy finalized; I WILL CONQUER YOUR EMPIRE!!
    Are there potatoes for dinner? (Argh. Go talk to Sasha from SnK if you love potatoes so much.)

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