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    Hi! Okay, first question. A classic: what's your favorite color?

    I like all colors.
    Doesn't matter to me.

    In class you have been switched around with another person and now sit in a chair next to your crush! What do you do?

    Panic on the inside! This IS your crush, and you're afraid to do something wrong in front of them.
    Talk to them! Maybe flirt, just a little.
    Ignore them. It's better that you don't think about him/her.
    Don't talk to them, but maybe steal a glance every once and awhile.
    Try to find a chance to at least chat to him/her.

    What's your favorite animal?

    I don't like any of these.

    You get into a fight with one of your friends- how do you feel about it?

    I would feel guilty, and apologize to them later.
    They started it, so they can figure it out themselves.
    Talk to another person and try to decide whether to apologize or not.
    Regret fighting with them, but you're better off without them.
    Hate them. You don't know why they were your friend anyway.

    If you had an element, what would it be?


    If you could be anywhere you wanted right now, where would you go?

    Somewhere where I'll be happy and content.
    My room is fine with me.
    With my friends, hanging out.
    I would be outside, just enjoying the sights.
    I'd prefer to be alone.

    Your favorite food?

    Junk food.
    Dairy products.
    I don't care.

    Last, what's your "type"? ;D

    Someone who's easy to talk with, and I could easily call them my best friend.
    A shy or quiet person, who may love the same things as I do.
    Anyone who's as equally as wild as me, and can joke or do pranks with.
    Someone who's very beautiful/handsome, but they may have a temper. Although, you don't mind because you love making them annoyed.
    A person who I admire and like very much and would go to incredible lengths to ensure their happiness.
    I really can't tell.

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