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    What is your gender?


    Where would you rather live?

    East demon world.
    West demon world.
    Demon world acropolis.
    The human world.
    Anywhere but here.

    Are you Good or Evil?


    Which powers would you rather acquire?

    The ability to crush one's heart (ZIP).
    The power to create portals to where I please.
    Being almost impossible to beat at close, hand-to-hand combat.
    Being justice itself (the ability to imprison anyone I want).

    What is your goal?

    I just want to live my life, no matter what happens.
    To become very powerful.
    To find someone to love.
    To get revenge.
    To become a legend.
    Goal? I don't really have one, but if I want something, I won't stop until I get it done!

    What is your personality most like?

    (choose at least 1 and at most 3 answers)
    Hot head and a rebel.
    Lazy and care free.
    Coward, and a bit of a cry baby.
    Adventurous and brave.
    Just plain AWESOME!
    Old fashioned, and snobby at times.
    Serious and strong.

    How are you socially?

    I am open towards new friends.
    I'd rather just stay home and play video games.
    I only like the elite and powerful, like myself!
    I don't have time for friends...
    I'd only like someone who's a worthy opponent.
    I would hang out with someone, if they were attractive.

    If you saw a little kid crying, you would:

    Do nothing.
    Try to comfort them and ask them what's wrong.
    Give them something, just to shut them up.
    Play with them to make them feel better.
    Tell them to suck it up.
    Teach them to be stronger so they won't cry.
    Yeah right! There are only bad kids in the demon world!

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