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WolfKing702 KonomiShinra

    Hey there! Are you ready to start this quiz?!

    Of course!
    I suppose...
    Nomniaam! Nomnomnom!
    Just get it started, I don't have time for this.
    I can't wait to start!
    . . .
    Yes, yes, I am.
    I am!
    At least, I hope this will be interesting.

    Ok, so let's get over with the classics: how would you describe yourself?

    I am who I am!
    Why would you want to know that? Do I already fascinate you?
    I'm young!
    I love to eat!
    I can handle myself.
    Just get to the point.
    iIm good at telling stories.
    I'm a free man! (or woman)!
    I'd like to say I'm a mysterious person.

    Starting serious business now, have you already apprised your cibody?

    No, but I'm sure I could do it easily!
    Heh, actually I didn't, but I'm ready to do it!
    I don't even need to do that, I'm already strong enough.
    No and I don't need to, my intelligence is my weapon. I let this to brawlers.
    *Slightly nods*
    Try to I guess.
    Hmm, yes I did.
    I what my what? Is it some kind of animal?
    This is none of your business. :P

    Scenario time: you know you'll have to fight another cibody soon, what do you do?

    Bah, I have stuff to do, I'll figure out what to do during the fight.
    Well, I should start the training.
    I'll do research potential weaknesses of my opponent.
    I'll ask my birds friends what to do.
    Even if I lose, I still have other plans; I don't need to worry.
    I'd rather avoid to fight as I'm not a good warrior.
    I don't need to do anything--I have confidence in my skills.
    I'm ready for this, I'll just have to keep doing my daily training.

    You enter zero-time zone and the fight is about to start! What's your reaction?

    I said I'm not a warrior (sheesh, that's not a correct answer)!
    My fists are going to kiss his face.
    This place is beautiful! *o*
    This is gonna be fast.
    Time to be fabulous and kick ass!
    I've got better equipment and techniques than him so I'll win.
    It's time to rock.
    I suppose I'll show him how you really use the potential of a cibody.

    Damn, that guy wasn't as bad as you expected! He's starting to beat you!

    Next time I'll be better prepared.
    I told you I wasn't a fighter!
    Hm, I can overcome my limits! Time to counter-attack!
    I won't let him win, I'll give all I have!
    Wah this is terrible!
    Stop joking around, look, I already beaten him.

    BUT, he slips on a giant banana skin, giving you an opening to deal the final blow!

    I won't let this occasion pass, I'll kill him--no time for regrets.
    I destroy his cibody without killing him...
    He's already lying on the ground, how can he slip?
    I wonder how this banana ended here?
    That could have been me slipping on that banana...
    It's him or me, the choice is easy.

    Unfortunately, he managed to survive and take one of your friends as a hostage! This is an ultimate decision:

    What friends?
    I don't like to do this, but my objectives come before my friends. I'll beat him once and for all!
    I'll do what he wants in order to avoid my friend being hurt.
    With my power, I can still get rid of him AND save my friend!
    I'm not going to let him get out of this so easily!

    Let's get back to some more conventional questions for you. A cibody is:

    Something that can help me fulfill my goals.
    Something that would be fun :D
    Something dangerous.
    Something that can make me strong enough to protect those I love.

    What would your first phase be?

    Earning money easily.
    Well, I don't know. Something cool?
    Something that can protect my friends.
    Something that can enhance all my capabilities.
    An extremely powerful attack that can put an end to any fight!

    HAHAHA, you thought you would be spared? Gwahaha, choose a color:


    Which of these status's suits you the most?


    Hm, this quiz is starting to get messy, what do you think?

    This question is totally irreverent.
    Your quiz is poorly done and you should feel bad.
    You could be more careful.
    It doesn't matter!

    So let's keep going! Which of these activities do you enjoy?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)
    Sports, hanging out, eating.
    Why are you so curious?
    Make some art (drawing, painting, writing...).
    Spending time with the one you love.
    I'd rather study (what what kind of monster are you?).
    I like to be in calm places, like my front of my computer.

    We're nearly done! Come on, I know you can finish this! How would your friends describe you?

    (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers)

    And, the final question! Did you enjoyed this quiz experience?

    It wasn't that bad.
    Yay, it was fun, can't wait for the result!
    Even if the result will be bad, at least I had a good time doing this.
    I'm sure that was a waste of time.
    I hope the result will be worth it.
    It was entertaining.

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