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    You log into The World, what is your first thought?

    Wonder how many levels I'll gain today.
    I'd better prepare for the adventure ahead *heads to the item shop*
    I wonder who I can get to party with me.
    Heh heh...Kill. Kill!

    How many people will you invite into a party today?

    What? You can party in this game?

    How do you like to play The World?

    Fast-paced and agressive.
    Cautious and thoughtfully.
    Balanced between agression and thought.
    Knight in shining armor style. ^^

    What level areas are you most likely to hit first?

    Way too high for me. But what the heck. ^^
    A little above my level, but not too much for me to handle.
    Just at my level.
    Below my level. I wanna take them down before they get me.

    What is your character's attitude?

    Big and...well....just big.
    Meek and timid.
    Open and outgoing
    Again, knightly.
    Strong and kind hearted.

    What is your speed?

    Uber fast!
    Fast but not too much so.
    Slow as all heck.
    Slow but not as slow as doofus over there.
    I don't swing at stuff.

    What are your specialties?

    Hacking and slashing.
    Combining magic and attack.

    Last question, Did you like this quiz?

    Yes, thank you.

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